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The intention for this page is to present a list of Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) that have been asked of our support department. In this way perhaps we can save you having to contact us with your problems. Give this page a look first, and if the answer isn’t here then email us. We’ll answer your question, and if it is of general interest we’ll include it here.

If there don’t seem to be many FAQs here you can take it as a compliment to our products. No FAQs = no problems !

  • Can you help with the calibration of your products ?
  • Yes indeed, we are able to calibrate all of our products for a flat rate (see the prices page). Our calibration equipment is periodically sent for calibration to traceable standards.
  • Why is there no signal path when I am using the Artificial Line AL-1 ?
  • This question will apply to both the AL-1 and AL-2. The most common reason for this question is that you have forgotten to join together the two white terminals. They are intended to provide a break in the ‘A’ leg of the line so you can attach a current meter to monitor the line current. If you are not using a meter then the terminals must be linked to restore the continuity in the ‘A’ leg.
  • Can I battery back the Ringing Test Generators ?
  • The simple answer is “not directly”, and the answer you really want to hear is “yes, with the addition of some components” ! Both the RTG-1 and RTG-2 have output stages that directly drive the loads, there is no transformer coupling, and this is the clue to the answer. If you try to connect a voltage source in series with the generator you will either damage the unit or your power supply. What you need to do is feed the output into a suitable transformer primary and feed the battery voltage into the secondary. We can help you with a suitable transformer. Contact Sales for details.
  • I don’t get any dial tone when I go off hook, using the Single Line Simulator SLS-1 !
  • Look at the LED in the bottom left row. Is it indicating ‘Simulator’ mode ? If not then that’s your problem. You will only get the exchange simulation in this mode, all the others are for the test mode, where you don’t want supervisory tones.
  • When I try to redial the last number with the DTMF Tone Generator DTMF-1 it doesn’t work ?
  • The probable reason here is that you have entered a number that contains alpha digits, in this case the letters A to D. This will inhibit the redial function. We make use of a dialler chip to perform this function, and it inhibits because in the real-world they want to stop you using the last number redial function to view the previous user’s PIN number. Sorry about that !

Have you got a problem? Then contact our support department at support@ (you know where)