MSB Design

Designers And Manufacturers Of Telecommunications Test Equipment

Ringing Generators :-
Ringing Test Generator RTG-1Variable voltage, variable frequency, programmable cadence
Ringing Test Generator RTG-2Fixed voltage, fixed frequency, programmable cadence
Feeding Bridges :- 
Feeding Bridge FB-150v / 40mA inductor fed Feeding Bridge
Feeding Bridge FB-2TBR21 / TBR38 Feeding Bridge
Transmission Bridge TB-150v / variable current, constant current-fed bridge
Artificial Lines :- 
Artificial Line AL-1Switch selectable line lengths to 7.9km
Artificial Line AL-2Switch selectable and computer controlled line lengths to 7.9km
Tone Generators :- 
Supervisory Tone Generator STG-1Dial, busy, ring, information, etc.
DTMF Tone Generator DTMF-1Keypad entry, variable twist, level, pause, etc.
Cadence Generators :- 
Cadence Generator CG-1Programmable cadence, 10 cadence memory, pulse and relay output
Exchange Simulators :- 
Exchange Simulator SLS-1Complete exchange simulation, plus parameter measurements
Caller ID :- 
Caller ID Tester CLIP-1Discontinued Sorry
Pulse Measurement :- 
Pulse Period Counter PPC-1Measures dc pulse widths and ac envelope periods
REN Testing :- 
REN Test Module RTM-1Provides all the passive components for the BS6305 REN Test
REN Booster :- 
Ring Generator RG1-cAllows the ‘phone line to ring more than the normal number of bells